In love with… Chocolate (2)

In love with 2 - chocolate

Lately I have a sort of fixation on chocolate. I see new recipes on blogs, but only the most chocolate-y are the ones that attracts powerfully my attention… and go directly to the “recipes-to-try list”. If it were possible, I would try one different recipe a day… But it’s materially impossible for me!

1. Seven sins chocolate cake. Created by Sprinkle Bakes, apart for looking incredibly delicious, it has no more no less than seven kinds of chocolate: it is a devil’s food cake assembled with dark chocolate whiskey cream, milk chocolate mocha cream, white chocolate dulce de leche, milk chocolate marhsmallow frosting , dark chocolate drizzle and chocolate shavings. I hope one day I’ll get to try it (though with so much components, I am going to need at least one week to complete it!).

2. Chocolate chai tea cupcakes. Chocolate, chocolate, and still more chocolate… But this time adding chai tea to the dough instead of expresso.

3. Snicker cookies. Cookie dough, hazelnuts, caramel and chocolate… Yummy!

4. Campfire delight. This Sweetapolita’s masterpiece is a chocolate cake with belgian chocolate malted frosting and toasted marshmallow filling.

5. Guiness chocolate cake with caramel glaze. The combination of chocolate and coffee flavour is quite extended, but people look in surprise when they are told that they are eating a cake made with chocolate and stout beer (at least that’s my experience in Spain): it is a pleasant flavour. The gold caramel glaze adds even more awesomeness to this cake!

6. Chocolate espresso bundt cake with dark chocolate cinammon glaze. I’ve baked this bundt cake several times (the last time wasn’t long ago), and I have never glazed it, but I can confirm that the success of this bundt is guaranteed.

7.Godiva hazelnut crunch cupcakes. Again, different chocolate layers and textures. I would eat that photo!

8. Devil’s Food Cake. I have naver baked a cake with mayonnaise in the dough. Being an emulssion of eggs and fat, mayonnaise supposedly provides a richer and moister texture to the cake. I want to try it by myself, let’s hope I found the time to bake it!

English version

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