Printable recipe cards

Printable recipe cards - Martensitak

Before attempting any recipe, I note down the quantities and directions in a small draft notebook. If the recipe is a success (that is, if I really like it), then I neatly copy the information, notes and modifications on the “pretty notebook”, and occasionally (when I find the time to do it), post it on the blog. If the recipe fails, or simply it’s not what I expected, I stamp a big red “Do not repeat” mark on the draft notebook.

This small notebook is useful, because I can put it beside me anywhere in the kitchen… but I wanted to have something cuter. Because when we bake, we are trying to create something beautiful and delightful, right? We care about all the details (the texture, the flavour, the decoration, the composition, and the prompts; either if it is a party or if we just want to take some pictures of our work), so… Care about it from the very beginning!, I told myself. And so I sat down and made this printable recipe cards, with that retro style that I love. I can print them as many times as I like, and they are easier to classify.

You can download, share (please cite the source) or print them, of course. Just right-button-click on the images and save them, or download this pdf (easier option, I think).

Front Printable recipe cards by Martensitak

Back Printable recipe cards by Martensitak

Spanish version


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