In love with… Chocolate (2)

In love with 2 - chocolate

Lately I have a sort of fixation on chocolate. I see new recipes on blogs, but only the most chocolate-y are the ones that attracts powerfully my attention… and go directly to the “recipes-to-try list”. If it were possible, I would try one different recipe a day… But it’s materially impossible for me!

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In love with… (1)

In love with 1b

The new year has brought a new life and new resolutions, so let’s start it with joy. This is a (mini) selection of some of the findings of the last weeks that I have liked the most. They are recipes that I was dying to try (one of them I have yet to try…), a song that I can’t stop listening to since I heard it by chance the other day, and a newborn photo technique that I would love to learn. 

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