Natural red velvet cake

Natural red velvet cake

San Valentine’s day is coming… and yes, for me the typical treat for that day is a red velvet cake, with its deep red colour. Yet I’ve always been sort of reluctant to bake it because of the huge amount of food coloring that is needed… Until the day I saw in La receta de la felicidad a red velvet cake with less sugar, less fat, and without a hint of food coloring; I immediately decided to go for it.

Natural red velvet cake slice

To obtain the red colour, fresh grated beetroot is used (if you use canned beets, the final colour would be more brown-like and not so red as desirable). I have to admit that the cake has quite an identifiable taste of beets, but it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you like them.

Fondant rose

In this case, the cake is filled and frosted with white cream cheese frosting, and I have decorated it with the very first fondant rose that I have made. After preparing this collection of tutorials, I thought that I should try to do something. Oooooobviously, it isn’t the most perfect rose you have ever seen, but I am quite proud of it! I think that obtaining perfect finishings with fondant is quite difficult to master, but at the same time, it’s very fulfilling to see your progress since the very beginning.

You can find the recipes for the cake and the frosting here. And… no matter what you do on Valentine’s day, have a nice day!

Spanish version


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