Collection of tutorials: how to make sugarpaste or fondant flowers (1)

Tutorials collage

Decorating cakes with sugarpaste or fondant flowers is beautiful, simple and elegant. Look at these cakes:

Wedding cakes decorated with flowers

Sources: Style me prettyWedding bellsDK Designs.

Or these others:

Sources: Style me pretty,  Bodas.netRuffled100 layer cake.

To make these flowers is not so difficult as it may seem, although it requires a great dose of time, practice and patience, of course; but seeing the results, I think it’s worth to give it a try. In this post I have gathered some of the tutorials that I have found more useful and simple.

In some cases it would be more convenient to possess the specific cutters and moulds, but with a little bit of skill we can shape the petals and flowers with the basic tools.

If you want to read the instructions, just click on the title of the tutorial, and a new tab will open the original source from where I have collected the pics.



Dahlias - mum's style

Honeycomb Dahlias



Daisy tutorial 1

Daisy tutorial 2



Crisantemo tutorial


Succulent tutorial

I hope you find this post useful; I will keep on gathering tutorials of other different flowers.

Spanish version


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