In love with… (1)

In love with 1b

The new year has brought a new life and new resolutions, so let’s start it with joy. This is a (mini) selection of some of the findings of the last weeks that I have liked the most. They are recipes that I was dying to try (one of them I have yet to try…), a song that I can’t stop listening to since I heard it by chance the other day, and a newborn photo technique that I would love to learn. 

Chocolate, pistachio and orange rolls. Tested, re-tested, and passed with high marks: these rolls are a total success everywhere you offer them. The recipe itself is quite simple, although it takes some time to wait for the initial liquid mixture to cool, and to wait for the dough to rise. But it totally worths it. Really. Up to now, unluckily there always are “mouses” that sneak in the kitchen and take out rolls from the pan before I manage to take some  decent pictures of them. But I don’t mind, I know that I will make them again hundreds of several times more, so I will eventually succeed in taking photos of them.

Son kissed photography. I love how Kristen Mackey, the photographer of the studio Son Kissed Photography, take photos of the newborns. After all the Anne Geddes’s style fever, and all the disguised babies, I found SKP photos quite natural and perfect, using quite simple prompts, and totally adorable. 

Doughnuts. Lately I have got a craving for homemade doughnuts, although I’m always reluctant to make them because I prefer to leave aside all the frying (there is enough sugar and butter/oil already in the dough to add more calories by frying it); and besides the baked versions seem to be more like a cake with a doughnut shape that like those insanely delicious commercial doughnuts we are used to. Thus, when I read that Alma, from Objetivo Cupcake Perfecto, have tested this recipe from the book Doughnuts by Hannah Miles and said that they tested as “real” DonutsTM… Inevitably this recipe went right to the “Kitchen to-do list”. I hope I can try them soon! 

Mika – Happy ending. I love this song. Despite how sad it is, the melody is so upbeat that I end up singing like a mad every time I listen to it. And I have to admit that I’d never watched the video before until I looked for the link… And it has not in the least let me down. 

Spanish version


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